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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book in advance?

You do not need to book in advance but we have some great discounts if you do! We have both a newcomer offer for first time students as well as a 10 class pass for regular students. All our weekly classes are open for drop-ins, which means you can come at any time. In this case, you can pay for the dance class you want to attend when you arrive.

Do I need to wear anything special or have special shoes?

There is no dress code for our weekly classes and no special clothing or shoes are needed. People who have been dancing a while may own dance shoes but if you are new to dance you should come with shoes you are used to, that fit your feet well. Try to avoid using running shoes or trainers with lots of grip as this could put strain on your knees as you turn and pivot while dancing. Instead, bring shoes that have a smoother & flatter sole. You could always bring a couple pairs if you wanted too. Likewise, wear clothes that allow for comfortable movement and maybe think of wearing layers, so you can remove some if you get hot.

Do I need a dance partner?

You do not need to bring a partner to our dance classes. The teacher will constantly be rotating partners, so you will dance with all the other students as the class is being taught. If you would like to come with someone of course you are welcome too. Also, once you join our school, every time you bring a new friend either you or them can come for free!

Do you run courses and when does the next one start?

All our weekly classes are currently drop-in classes so you can join us at any time, any week. We have syllabi designed specifically to be able to achieve this. If you miss a week or even a few thats completely fine too, you don’t have to wait for a specific time, just join us again when you’re available or ready. Of course, the more you can commit to attending regularly the faster you will improve and build confidence on the dance floor.

What styles do you teach?

We currently teach 4 styles of dance in our school: Salsa, Kizomba, Bachata & Semba. These are all partner dances. Salsa & Bachata are Latin dance styles, while Kizomba & Semba are African partner dances. To be specific for more experienced dancers our Salsa lessons are “Crossbody Style’ with On1 timing and our bachata lessons are specifically designed to include technique including all of dominican, modern and sensual.

Do you offer private tuition?

Yes; private lessons are a more focused but still fun way to learn and we are regularly available for private lessons. Many students take private lessons with us because they want to work on individual struggles they are having or because they want to progress faster. We also offer private lessons for couples and for wedding dances. Please check our private lessons page for more details and feel free to contact us.

What can I expect from your classes and is the material the same each week?

You can expect to smile, laugh and have a good time! Even if you have never danced before our great teaching team will build your confidence and show you why dance is so amazing! All our lessons in London follow our professionally designed syllabus delivered by nationally & Internationally recognized teachers. Our dance classes last 1 hour and you’ll get to meet loads of other people throughout the class as we switch partners regularly while we practice. After the classes we will move into our party where you can enjoy trying out your new dance steps to some great music, having a refreshing drink or two and get to know everyone else.



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